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Tetherfi provides a ‘Digital Customer Service’ platform that enables rich-media, conversational, in-app customer engagement for Sales and Service. Integrating Tetherfi’s in-app customer engagement platform components with the Tetherfi SDK / API, customers can initiate voice, chat, and video conversations through mobile apps, popular social media messaging platforms and corporate websites.

Contact Center
(Work From Home)

Transition to a Contact Center Work From Home without compromising on security & compliance.

Digital OCM

Transforming voice only traditional CC to personalised, contextual, omnichannel and digital customer experience.

Virtual Banking

Mobile (Text, Audio and Video SDK/API) A mobile first, highly secure chat, audio, video, co-browsing communication & collaboration solution.

Virtual Assist

Helping execute real life transactions across industry verticals via directed dialogue and NLP based virtual chat/structured chatbot/ multi-channel virtual assist solution.

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