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What Makes a Good True Cloud-Based Contact Center Solution?

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only changed the lifestyle to many of us but also created an urgent need for many organizations to transform themselves to be relevant. The pandemic has accelerated the Digital transformation initiative for organization not only to be competitive but to be relevant.

One of the digital transformation agenda is to provide better customer service through the adoption of a true cloud-based contact centre solution.

So what’s the TRUE Cloud-based Contact Center Solution?

Quick and easy to setup and run / Fast and easy deployment

Setting up a contact centre solution does not requires months of implementation anymore rather it can and should be up in matter of weeks.

Adopting Innovation Approach

There no more forklift upgrades needed as the true cloud-based solution is always has the latest features added without the need for any down time or requires major efforts.

All-in-One Solution

The 80:20 rules apply here where the solution needed to cover at least 80 of your needs (out of the box features) where the remaining 20% is required for configuration (not customization) for integration and features that unique to your organization.

Always On and Highly Scalable

Organization now needs not to worry about system downtime, eg. there is no outage caused by hardware failures. True cloud-based solution is always on (with redundancy built in) and highly scalable to cater for your business growth

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