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ORLIG CRM is a purpose build Customer Experience and CRM platform that allows the organization to quick and easy way to deploy CRM with the right processes to enhance the Customer Experience. The key of ORLIG CRM is to enable you to have a quick 360 degrees view of customer and equipped your team with all the needed information to create an uniquely crafted customer experience for your client.
Raise your Game! ORLIG!

Customer Service

Superior customer service, every time.
Transform your operations with data that empower your team to maximise opportunities and delight customers.

Sales Management

Boost conversions, cut costs.
Digitally map sales journeys that work hand in hand with your team to nurture and optimise sales conversion.

Marketing Management

Create sharp, needs-driven campaigns

Profile your customers and predict their needs accurately to craft marketing campaigns that work. Communication that answers an actual need will make a difference in your sales charts.

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