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NICE CX Roadshow 2023 Malaysia


22 Aug 2023

Taking CX to New Heights

After a successful stop in Singapore, the NICE CX Roadshow 2023 is gearing up for its next exciting destination - Malaysia! Set to take place on August 22, 2023, at the prestigious Shangri-La Hotel, this event is a game-changer in the realm of Customer Experience (CX) and Digital Transformation.

The NICE CX Roadshow is organized by none other than NICE itself. As a global leader in CX and digital transformation solutions, NICE is committed to pioneering innovative approaches to enhance customer experiences across industries. This event is part of their ongoing mission to establish themselves as thought leaders in this domain.

ITApps participation as one of the key partners in showcasing NICE CXone solutions. This partnership exemplifies the collaborative spirit of the industry, where experts come together to explore innovative ways of revolutionizing customer experiences through technology.

The primary objective of the NICE CX Roadshow is to build NICE's reputation as a thought leader in CX and digital transformation. It aims to generate significant interest and demand for their solutions, particularly in the areas of Digital Transformation and NICE CXone.

Absolutely, the partnership between ITApps and NICE exemplifies a shared commitment to advancing customer experience excellence through the adoption of state-of-the-art technologies and the creation of ground-breaking solutions. This collaboration is driving the transformation of the CX landscape, enabling businesses to offer extraordinary customer interactions that are perfectly attuned to the demands of the digital era.

Together, ITApps and NICE are shaping the future of customer experience, empowering organizations to deliver exceptional service and forge lasting connections with their customers.

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