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Genesys Partner Conference 2023


16 May 2023


It is our honor on receiving two prestigious awards at the Genesys Partner Conference 2023! 

Winning the ASEAN Partner of the Year and SEA Cloud Migration of the Year is a tremendous achievement and it's evident that our Malaysia team, spanning across sales, pre-sales, delivery, and support, has put in tremendous effort and dedication to make this achievement possible.

Genesys Partner Conference provided an exceptional platform for creating an ecosystem and fostering partnerships for a better customer experience (CX) future. Engaging conferences like these offer valuable opportunities to network, collaborate, and exchange ideas with industry leaders, ultimately contributing to the growth and innovation of our organization.

Being recognized as one of the top partners in the region by Genesys is a great honor and affirms the excellence of our services and the impact we have on delivering exceptional CX solutions. This recognition not only highlights our team's hard work and commitment but also reinforces our position as a trusted and leading partner in the industry.

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