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Genesys orchestrates more than 70 billion remarkable customer experiences for organizations in more than 100 countries every year. Through the power of their cloud, digital and AI technologies, organizations can realize Experience as a Service℠, their vision for empathetic customer experiences at scale. With Genesys, organizations have the power to deliver proactive, predictive, and hyper personalized experiences to deepen customer connection across every marketing, sales, and service moment on any channel, while also improving employee productivity and engagement. By transforming back-office technology to a modern revenue velocity engine Genesys enables true intimacy at scale to foster customer trust and loyalty.

Genesys Cloud CX™

Choose the all-in-one cloud contact center solution.

Unify customer experiences across phone, email, chat, text and social channels. Keep agents productive and engaged, no matter where they are. The Genesys Cloud CX™ platform does it all.

Genesys Multicloud CX™
(previously called Pure Engage)

Power personalized experiences at scale.

The bigger the company, the more complex its CX ecosystem becomes. Leading global brands choose Genesys Multicloud CX™ contact center software to execute ideal customer journeys with flexibility.

Genesys PureConnect™

An all-in-one omnichannel contact center and communications solution recognized as a leader in both cloud and on-premises markets. Get the richest set of capabilities—built from the ground up—to be certain you’re operating with maximum reliability, flexibility and control.

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