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What We Do

We are professional consultant on lifting customer experience. With expertise in CRM, Omnichannel Contact Center, ITSM and Up-to-date Modern Technologies, we are here to help your business to deliver the effortless customer experience.

We believe that there are no universal solutions that fit every company and industry, so we insist to build the most suitable customized solutions for our clients. Through our connected offers of a comprehensive portfolio of technology services and products across digital channels, contact centers, mobility, AI, and analytics, we create new ways to win!

Digital Engagement

Contact Centers that can only handle phone calls and emails are outdated. New communication tools like Instant Messages, Video Call, are what the younger generations prefer. An Omni-Channel Contact Center that can handle inquiries across platforms is vital to deliver effortless customer experience.

  • Omni-Channel – take care of all the channels and platforms that your customers are using
  • Natural Language Processing – human-like chatbot to handle generic enquiry
  • Real Time Monitoring – real time analysis and instant playback
  • Report and Recoding – reports and records covering all interaction channels

Our way to communicate has changed, so should the way of building a Contact Center.

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Customer Relationship Management

CRM systems store information of customers, including record of purchases, repair, frequency of visit, membership status, preferences, history with customer service, etc., all at one place.

  • Seamless Experience – remember what your customer said in multiple platforms
  • Know Your Customers – track and analyze their preferences, possible of up-selling and cross-selling
  • Centric Database – share the information across departments with ease
  • Cloud, On-Premises, or Hybrid – flexible in hardware requirement

Together with our Omni-Channel Communication, your CRM System will shine even brighter!

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IT System Management

Information Technology is now vital to modern business. However the maintenance and upgrading works are often hideous and complicated. IT Service Management is then born to help business to govern IT resources with ease.

  • Visualization – know what is happening at where and when
  • Efficiency – allocate resources based on needs and urgency
  • Quality of Service – track and evaluate the quality of IT Service
  • Insight – analytic reports backing your decision making

With ITSM, you can focus on value creation to business and significantly reduce cost on IT resources.

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