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Customer Relationship Management


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Customer Relationship Management

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Centric Database

With a CRM system, your employees can dump their hideously-long sheets where customers information stored. Local sheet files are hard to share among colleagues, barely readable, and hard to maintain. What’s worst is, everyone in your company have a slightly different version sheet in their own drives, and all are partially up-to-date.

A CRM system is designed for collaboration. A group of people can look at the same database, and edit it at any time to ensure it is always carrying the latest information. Customer’s information is transparent to everyone involved. Conversations and purchase history can be accessed easily. Even if your lead sales take a sick leave or two, someone will be able to reach that customer and follow up, with rich knowledge to that customer.

Know Your Customers

One of the many benefits of having centralized database is that you can analyze the things inside. With all the demographic and purchases history stored in the CRM system, you track and analyze their preferences, making special offers to targeted customer groups and leverage the opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling.

Information is power. An analytic CRM report can also provide hints to your next Marketing Campaign. The earth is often too big for your marketing budget. A good CRM analysis can help to locate where your potential customers are hiding, and predict what they will be interested in.

Seamless Experience

Customers enjoy seamless experiences, where they can have a continuous conversation from variety of platform, namely, phone call, email, SMS, instant message app, social media platform… It is hideous for customer to repeat their needs every time they change the chatting platform. With a centered conversation history powered by a CRM system, your agent can immediately work on the case by simply looking at the previous conversation, skipping the time-costing introduction sections and create a effortless omni-channel customer experience.

Customer loyalty is then enhanced by your professional Customer Support.

Cloud Computing

Putting your CRM system on cloud, means that your employees can access the system at any time, anywhere they want. Employing cloud system also save your budget on hardware and maintenance, as those things will be taken care by us. You can scale up and scale down the system depends on what you need, ensuring that your budget is wisely spent, without paying for something you do not need.

On-Premise systems are perfect for those who prefer everything staying in their own server.

Hybrid systems allow you to lock information in your own server, while letting you to access your database anywhere you are.

Our Partners

Salesforce, the global CRM leader, empowers companies to connect with their customers in a whole new way.

ORLIG CRM is a purpose build Customer Experience and CRM platform that allows the organization to quick and easy way to deploy CRM with the right processes to enhance the Customer Experience. The key of ORLIG CRM is to enable you to have a quick 360 degrees view of customer and equipped your team with all the needed information to create an uniquely crafted customer experience for your client.Raise your Game! ORLIG!

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